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Successful completion of the Workshop entitled 'The role of School building and outdoor environment on children's learning'

We were supposed to hold this workshop in the beginning of February. Due to some unavoidable reasons we had to postpone it but we are really happy to inform you all that the workshop was held last saturday, 14 March 2015 at Raipura PTI, Narsingdi. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology was a partner in this effort. The purpose was to disseminate the knowledge we have gathered through the process of our research on children's environment. We talked about the school environment as a whole with an emphasis on the outdoor environment of primary schools. I have worked with Tulatoli Government Primary School very closely for the last few months. During this period I have shared my views and opinions with the teachers and also come to know about many things in close interaction with the teachers for hours.

While I was in Edinburgh me and Dr Simon Bell thought about organizing a workshop so that we can include the design ideas from diverse group of teachers for the developme…
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How it looks now!

Our deadline was January 15, 2015 to provide the children with a new school ground and also an outdoor classroom. We were pretty much on time and so far it has taken a good shape. The children have already started using the school ground. We will assess the risks and there will be some additions too later on based on how it is being used now. Here are some pictures of how it looks like now.

Outdoor Classroom

Growing Area

Wet Learning Area

Learning through Play

Natural Learning Area


Progress of Work: Day 28

We are almost at the last phase of our construction. Masonry work is finished, bamboo work is a little bit slow and still going on. We have planted plants and the water plants are in site too. Here are some pictures taken today on Day 28.
Figure 01: Outdoor Classroom
 Figure 02: Lerning with loose parts
Figure 03: Shelter/ Learning in groups
Figure 04: Natural Learning area (We could only plant some plants but this not the planting season. They will grow during the rains)
Figure 05: Garden/ Growing area
Figure 06: Water learning area

Progress of work: End of Day 10

The work is going on in full swing in the school ground of Tulatoli Primary School, Narsingdi, Bangladesh. Its wonderful to see that the process is already having an impact on children and adults in various ways. The children who visit the site in different times are engaged with different activities using different loose parts (outcome of construction work, construction materials). They are already using the small hills (we are planning to plant grass to make it grassy hills in the adventure play area). They climb up and down the hills, used a small piece of wood to make bridge. They are making fountains using water and sand. They are also helping in the construction work in many ways- bringing bricks to the place of construction, working to give a shape to the grassy hill and helping in local plants search etc. Here are some photos...

 House/Shelter/Learning in Groups
Outdoor Classroom/ Gathering area

Mound/ Grassy Hills
Children making fountains